Saturday, February 11, 2012

New Head Mistress: Mistress Sophie

With immediate effect Mistress Sophie von Stolz will take over the direction of "the english institute" in the function as the new Head Mistress.

She is now responsible for the following areas in their entirety:
  • Supervision of the institution 
  • Supervision and implementation of physical punishment 
  • Monitoring a sufficient penalty 
  • Training of new teachers 
  • Instruction of selected private pupils in the subjects "styles and etiquette", "physical fitness", "home economics" and "business assistance". 

The Institute is very pleased to have won this very experienced, successful and strict Mistress as the new Head Mistress.

Here is her first order to all pupils:

"All punishment books are to send by mail to my personal secretary. You find his mail address in the contact area. The deadline is 03-16-2012; 8.00 pm GMT! In the future, the punishment will be held every Friday afternoon!"


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